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We are Bräne Hübsch; a small design & tech studio from Sweden working with brands all over the world. We specialise in UX, design and development to create apps, websites, hardware, prototypes, videos and more. Here are some of the brands we've been fortunate enough to work with:

Selected work

Alvira application screenshoots

Home security is broken. Together we can fix it.

DesignUX DesignDevelopment

Alvira was a start up with the vision to increase safety and engage the community in neighbourhoods all around the world with a new type of alarm that prevents fires and break-ins through a hyper-local neighbourhood watch. We designed and developed the app to allow their vision to come to life.

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PadelPlay featured image

Taking padel into the digital realm.


PadelPlay makes streaming your own padel games as easy as 1, 2, 3. We teamed up with Papaja to expand Padelplay’s offer with a real time scoreboard incorporated right into the video stream itself. The result, a scalable, real-time progressive web app built on a solid Firebase backbone.

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Alvira HW featured image

Hardware that fits your life, routines and home.

3D Printing3DElectronics

In order for Alvira to succeed with their software, a complete new set of hardware was needed. We iterated through countless of prototypes of both the sensor and the hub to finally end up with a small production run of 90 units to be tested in 30 homes all around in Sweden.

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Planet15 background image
Planet15 application screenshots

Making environmental data capture fun.

UX DesignUser TestingConcept

Together with Quantified Planet and North Kingdom, we developed a game that both entertains and educates. Planet 15 allows players to collect data about real flowers around them to better understand the relationship between humans and nature. Spend more time outside and watch your unique digital planet evolve while gathering environmental data in your neighbourhood.

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Wim background image
Wim featured image

Charging on-the-go made accessible.

ConceptUX DesignBranding

Wim lets people charge their phone on-the-go without losing momentum, while providing brands with new and innovative ways to stand out. We helped Wim design their app, hardware packaging, marketing material as well as a launch video. Wim was acquired by Naki Power in mid-2020.

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Unifire featured image

Easy as Ready, Aim, Water.

DevelopmentDesignUX Design

Unifire wanted to revolutionize the firefighting industry with their advanced robotic water cannons. In this process they asked us to transform their physical control interface to a more modern, accessible alternative. The result is an application that can control their robotic cannons wherever they are, with real time feedback.

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